6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Lower Back Brace

How to properly use a lower back brace
Lower back pain can make everyday tasks seem more difficult, and can often leave you feeling exhausted before the day is done. Thankfully, technological advances in back brace design now offer a solution to your pain —  the use of a lower back brace is often a common remedy for lower back pain that usually comes with amazing, healing results!

There are several key steps involved in properly choosing and wearing a lower back brace to ensure that your body can heal properly. We have gathered together some of the most important factors to remember before you start shopping to keep the process as easy as possible.

Wear the appropriate size brace for your lower back.

It is important to purchase the proper size brace for your lower back. This is done by simply measuring your lower back area and matching it up to the sizes given for the model back brace you want to choose. It is important to remember that if your mid-section is a bit larger, then you may consider buying a size larger to be more comfortable. The Delco Discovery 12x TLSO back brace offers an adjustable posterior support, adjustable shoulder straps and an abdominal compression system to provide a truly adjustable fit.

Stand in a neutral position while getting measured for your brace.

You might naturally assume a super-upright position and suck in your stomach while getting measured for your back brace. However, if you purchase a back brace that is smaller than what you need, it may hinder your healing process. Be sure to stand in a neutral position where your stomach is comfortable, but not hanging unnecessarily over your belt.

The width of the belt should cover the lower back and tail bone.

A good lower back brace should comfortably cover your lower back and tail bone. If you find that it does not cover it, then it is too small for your body. Using a back brace that’s too small will cause discomfort and put your healing process on hold. Your doctor can help you find the right fit that will align your spine and promote proper healing. The Delco Discovery 9 back brace offers a split anterior panel, which ensures even pressure distribution for perfect alignment. Using a brace with a split anterior panel can help make sure that your alignment stays centered for correct support.

Properly position the top edge of your belt at or below the navel.

Again, it is important to remember to ensure that you are doing all you can to make sure you are wearing your brace properly. If the brace is too snug or too loose, it will not be able to support your muscles and ligaments. This will prolong the healing process and possibly increase your pain.

Use ice packs along with your back brace.

Your doctor or another medical professional may ask you to use an ice pack in instances where there is inflammation. This may have occurred after an injury where your body needs to heal a certain region. You may want to place an ice pack on your back, then place the brace on top of the ice pack to hold it in place — the ice will numb the pain and decrease the inflammation.

Take advantage of your insurance plan, Medicare options

If you are wondering how you can afford the cost of a lower back brace, you may want to look into getting your back brace through insurance. It is best to explore all your payment options rather than assume that you cannot afford it! Most insurance providers will work with DME providers like Aeroflow Healthcare to help you get the bracing supplies you need at little to no cost.

Did you know that Medicare covers back braces in many cases? Be sure to check your benefits to ensure you are protecting your health as best as possible. A back brace is a vital step on the road to a happy, healthy life — why not get started today? For more information on back bracing options, feel free to give our team of experts a call at 888-627-2159. We’re here to help!


How to Properly Use a Lower Back Brace

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