dangers of ED medications

Possible Dangers of ED Medications

In recent years, there has been an explosion in the popularity of various drugs designed to treat male erectile dysfunction. This is particularly evident by the nearly inescapable advertisements for various products such as Viagra and Cialis, particularly during male-skewed television events such as sports. While the overwhelming popularity of these products speaks to their widespread use, these ED medications are not without possible dangerous side effects, a fact often lost in their well-constructed marketing campaigns.

ED medications work primarily by using Nitric Oxide to stimulate blood flow to the penis. While the effectiveness of such drugs for this purpose are clinically proven, such an alteration of the blood flow of the body is not without risks and side effects. By far the most common side effect of using various ED medications is the onset of a moderate to severe headache. This is often attributed to the medication directing blood toward the penis, quickly depriving other areas of the body of the proper blood pressure it normally operates under. In addition to headaches, this can lead to other body aches and soreness, particularly in the lower back.

In rarer, more troubling cases, these medication can cause a blood pressure drop severe enough to result in fainting or loss of consciousness. In the most severe circumstances, this drop in blood pressure can even lead to a stroke or heart attack, potentially even death. These medications carrying such a risk, while exceedingly rare, is troubling given the proliferation of ED medications among older men who are already at a greater risk for heart and blood pressure conditions.

Beyond side effects explicitly related to changes in blood pressure, ED medications have also been shown to sometimes cause other extrasensory side effects. These include, but are not limited to, losses or blurring of vision, as well as tinnitus and temporary loss of hearing. Additionally, some men experience various gastrointestinal issues such a diarrhea or stomach pain when using some of the most popular ED medications. Priapism, or an erection which lasts for an indeterminate length of time, usually hours, is probably the most well-known risk associated with ED medications. Experiencing such a side effect can be both mentally and physically painful to men already suffering from erectile dysfunction.

As more clinical and testimonial evidence becomes available about the risks associated with ED medications, many doctors have advocated alternative treatments such as vacuum erection devices, more commonly known as penis pumps. Of the available non-medication treatments for ED, vacuum devices are one of the least invasive methods that provide proven relief for erectile dysfunction. When considering potential treatments for erectile dysfunction, it is important for men to weigh all the relative risks and benefits of available treatments. This decision should be made under the supervision of the doctor, as well as their own personal research, and not due to a well-designed television commercial.

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