62601 NUK expressive breast pump

New Pump Feature: Nuk

Aeroflow Healthcare is expanding their product line to feature new pumps including the Nuk Expressive! The Nuk is a cost effective double electric breast pump offering 32 suction and speed settings for maximum milk expression. The custom suction power offers eight settings, allowing you to adjust the vacuum pressure. Additionally, the Nuk includes four speed options for customizable “suck and release” cycles. The Nuk’s multi-phase settings are designed to mimic natural breastfeeding and the digital pump features memory functionality as well. The Nuk’s memory capability can save your last pumping setting. If the pumping session is disrupted, you have the option to simply press the memory button to resume milk expression utilizing the previously stored settings.

The Nuk’s silicone breast shields with wide nipple opening are designed for maximum pumping comfort. The easy to use push button controls and the digital display make selecting settings a breeze. This pump has few parts to simplifying the cleaning and re-assembly processes. The breast milk collection containers, collars and seal disks are safe for the top rack of a dishwasher for added cleaning convenience.

What’s Included

The package contents include one pump unit with easy to grab handle, two breast shields with valves and membranes, two silicon cushions, two 5-oz. breast milk containers with silicone nipples, two collars, caps and seal disks for storage and a voltage adapter.

Personalize your pumping experience with the pump photo holder to displaying a picture of your baby while expressing breast milk. A one-year limited warranty provides consumers with added peace of mind, ensuring the product’s functionality throughout the duration of one year.

Qualify Through Insurance

Want to learn more about how to obtain a breast pump through insurance? Visit and submit your information through the “Qualify through Insurance” tab. A Breast Pump Specialist will be assigned to your account. The services these professionals provide are designed to save you time and money. These services include communication with your insurance policy for specific plan benefits available, product expertise and responsiveness to your inquiry in five business days or less. These representatives are trained breast pump professionals and Aeroflow Healthcare holds an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Why go anywhere else? An Aeroflow Breast Pump Specialist is ready to serve you!

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