New Phillips Respironics Pico Nasal CPAP Mask


The Pico Nasal Mask by Philips Respironics is the newest addition to the Respironics Nasal CPAP Mask family. Created as a high-quality mask with minimal facial contact, the Pico system is a truly superior top-of-the-line nasal CPAP mask.

Phillips Respironics Pico Mask

With soft headgear that ensures comfortable rest and easy adjusting Velcro tabs, the Pico Nasal Mask can be effortlessly removed and disassembled for cleaning and replacement purposes. There is no forehead pad to worry with, just a comfortable headgear piece and the silicone cushions are so soft, patients will almost forget they are wearing a CPAP Mask at all. The Philips Respironics Pico Nasal Mask has what is called a “Dual-Wall Cushion” with the first wall sealing the mask and further preventing leaks while the other holds the cushion securely on your nose.  All parts of the Pico Nasal Mask are removable and replaceable to fit your convenience and compliance needs. It’s clear that Philips Respironics takes pride in their CPAP therapy products, and strives to achieve excellence in comfort, seal, and ease of use for CPAP therapy patients.

Most CPAP therapy users don’t know that the original CPAP mask was fitted around the nose, and while not referred to as a “Nasal Mask”, it possessed the qualities of the modern Nasal Mask. Today, Nasal Masks are seemingly more popular than other mask styles because of the freedom of movement and less restrictive nature they possess. Patient’s can wear their Nasal CPAP Masks while reading or watching television before bed with little to no sight or movement restrictions. Most new CPAP Therapy patients ask about Nasal Masks initially, because they don’t want their sleep patterns or bedtime rituals interrupted by a bulky mask, and Nasal Masks are their answer.

Phillips Respironics Pico Nasal CPAP Mask

Nowadays, it is so easy to get the proper CPAP mask, CPAP machine, CPAP accessories, and CPAP replacement parts that fit your lifestyle and budget. Contact today, and ask us about the Philips Respironics Pico Nasal Mask. Our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through everything, from uploading your prescription to helping you decide on the best CPAP Mask and Machine for you. We’ll put you on the right track to restful sleep and a healthier lifestyle.

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