Need Help Getting CPAP Therapy? We Can Help!

You may have heard of sleep apnea, but not know much about it. You may experience sleep apnea symptoms, but not know you are living with sleep apnea. Aeroflow Healthcare can help.  The first thing to do is talk with your doctor about the difficulties you have with sleeping, or feeling increasingly more tired throughout the day.  Your doctor will refer you to Aeroflow for a sleep study and the diagnostic department will get in touch with you to schedule the test delivery.

When you receive the call from the diagnostic department at Aeroflow, you will verify your address for them, ask any questions about the test you may have and they will make sure you are aware of the process for sleep apnea testing.  You will receive your sleep study via UPS within 3 to 5 business days from the day you schedule.

When the test arrives, it comes with written instructions with pictures that will assist you in applying the test.  It is required you take the test for one night, but if you think it did not go as planned, you are free to take the test again the following night to attempt to get better data.  This can help reduce the chances of needing to retest.  Aeroflow Healthcare representatives are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have, but please know it is ok to interrupt the sleep test and call Aeroflow in the morning with your questions.  It is ok to try again once your questions have been addressed. When the test has been completed, you will mail it back with any necessary paperwork in the postage bubble mailer provided.

When Aeroflow receives the test, the diagnostic technician will download the data from the test and send it to the board certified interpreting physician to read the results and make any necessary treatment recommendations. The interpretation is returned within 48 hours and sent to the doctor who ordered the test for you. If CPAP therapy is recommended and ordered by your doctor, you will again hear from Aeroflow.  This time, a patient care representative will call you to schedule set up of your new CPAP machine with one of our respiratory therapists.

This simple process takes as little as one week before you are sleeping better and feeling more refreshed using your new CPAP machine from Aeroflow Healthcare. All it takes is a talk with your doctor.  If you have any questions about our testing or treatment process, please feel free to call 1-888-345-1780.

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