Navigating your private insurance deductible

Navigating Your Private Insurance Deductible

Navigating the complex matters of insurance policies, premiums, copays, and especially deductibles, can be yet another added stress for people already dealing with stressful medical conditions. Though having insurance is essential, it can cause its own set of issues, specifically confusing and sometimes varied terminology. The concept of a deductible is familiar to anyone who has ever had health insurance. While deductibles are an unfortunate barrier to reaping the full benefit of your insurance plan, some careful management of your deductible can save you a great deal of money on your healthcare in the long term.

While most government insurance policies such as Medicare and Medicaid refresh their deductible with the end of the calendar year on December 31st, this is not always the case with private or group insurance plans. Many group insurance plans, particularly those managed through employers who sign contracts at certain points in the year, can have plan or benefit year deductibles, which reset at different points in the year. While the most common of these dates typically fall in June or July, deductible resets are not limited to these dates.

In planning for medical and supplies purchases, it is important to be aware of when your deductible will refresh. It is always in a patient’s best interest, once their deductible is met, to make the most of that time to replenish their medical supplies and schedule any appointments they may need.  Working with an experienced DME provider like Aeroflow Healthcare can ensure that you maximize the benefit of your insurance plan, by replenishing any supplies as often as allowed under insurance. In addition to knowing the amount of your deductible, knowing the date at which it resets is just as, if not more important.

Private insurance deductibles can vary widely, as can the dates at which they refresh. Patients and their caregivers can find that navigating health concerns alone is daunting, let alone with the added complexity of insurance. By being mindful of when your specific insurance plan refreshes its deductible, you can maximize the benefit of the policy you pay hard-earned money for, and also avoid unforeseen and unpleasant bills resulting from a deductible that reset without your knowledge.

If you or someone you know has medical issues, and particularly if they require recurring medical supplies or ongoing treatment, don’t delay; contact Aeroflow Healthcare today. Our trained sales and customer support staff can guide you through the maze of insurance, notify you when your deductible is met, assist you in qualifying for your equipment through insurance, and help you make the most of your insurance plan so you can focus on your quality of life.

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