Mobility Aids: Scooters

Have you considered a scooter as a mobility device to assist you or a loved one in getting around more freely? Scooters have many great features and can be helpful for those who are experiencing mild to moderate loss of mobility. Below are a few things you should know when deciding if a scooter is the right mobility aid for you.

As with many other power mobility aids, scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries. These batteries allow the user the ability to charge their device at night or when at home then take their scooter along with them during the day or while running errands. There are several different types of batteries depending on the length of time that you will be utilizing your device each day.

A distinctive feature of a scooter is the handlebar or “tiller” steering system. Unlike a power wheelchair, a scooter is operated by two handle bars at the front of the device, requiring use of both of the operator’s hands to steer.

Scooters come in three and four-wheeled models, depending upon the level of maneuverability and stability the user requires.  A four-wheeled scooter has two wheels in front and two in the back, providing more steadiness than models with only one wheel in the front. Scooters also have a platform that the user must step up on in order to sit, so it is important that a user have an adequate amount of balance to successfully operate and utilize a scooter.

Accessories for scooters

Scooters also have the option of many accessories. One of the most popular scooter accessories is a basket. A scooter can be equipped with a basket on the front to help transfer items from place to place. Many individuals enjoy being able to take items from one room to the other such as a book, or even transferring groceries from the car into your home. You can see more of the scooter accessories that Aeroflow has to offer.

Compared with other mobility aids, scooters can sometimes take up quite a bit of space, however Aeroflow Healthcare does offer some power scooters models that have advanced portability and can actually be broken down for transport or storage. The turning radius on a scooter is wider than that of a power wheelchair due to its shape and wheel placement, but can be a good option for those suffering from COPD or back pain.

A scooter can allow you or a loved one to experience independence again, which can be a wonderful thing. Aeroflow has a wide selection of scooters that are sure to fit your specific needs. For more information and to check out Aeroflow’s selection of scooter and accessories visit our website.

While you are visiting the Aeroflow Healthcare site, click on the Qualify Through Insurance form to see if your new power scooter could be covered by insurance. One of our friendly and knowledgeable Patient Care Representatives will review your insurance information and contact you to discuss your coverage and options. If you have any questions about a scooter or mobility aid, give Aeroflow Healthcare a call at 844-686-5539. We are here to help!

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