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Military mom support

Breastfeeding is a learned behavior. In order to succeed, new moms need to be surrounded by women who can “show them the ropes”. For military families, breastfeeding can be even more of a challenge. Military moms have to face the chance of deployments, often worrying that they might not have their spouse there to help with the new baby. Active duty mothers face a lot of obstacles, which is why Mom2Mom — an organization that offers a consistent support system for new moms in the military — is here to help!

Mom2mom support system

Mom2Mom started in 1999 at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. This organization is geared towards military families needing support with breastfeeding. Moms are connected with a mentor who has breastfed for at least 6 months and knows the ropes when it comes to having a successful nursing experience. Mothers are given a one-day free training on the ins and outs of breastfeeding to make sure their questions are answered.

Mom2Mom mentors range from active duty moms, civilian working moms, exclusively pumping moms, NICU moms, twins/multiples moms, tandem nursing moms, full-term breastfeeding moms, those who use supplemental nursing systems, to moms or babies with medical conditions. Mentors are accessible by phone, email, or online chat! A great bonus is the mentors are trained to recognize symptoms that could signal for a professional lactation to step in for advice, and guide them to the proper resources when needed. This is also helpful for military moms who are breast pumping, as they can learn all the necessary skills to express milk efficiently.

Mom2Mom Double Duty

Mom2Mom does offer another support group as well, under the name Mom2Mom Double Duty. Double duty is more specific to Active Duty moms or military moms who are working a full-time job. Meetings are held that work with mom’s schedule, to make sure mom are always able to be seen and get the help they need. Mom2Mom’s mission is to support and celebrate each mother’s breastfeeding journey. All the groups offer a “no drama” zone, allowing moms to share opinions in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Mom2Mom are committed to providing accurate, research-backed information and advice to moms about breastfeeding. The mentors and leaders are educated and accredited to best serve all moms.

Mom2Mom is an organization that is set to ensure that mothers can find the support needed for their breastfeeding journey. An important part of their goal is to have this support easily accessible to any and all moms needing breastfeeding help. A mother shouldn’t have to go through a new struggle or learn alone. Military families have different and sometimes more challenging obstacles to overcome. Everyone needs support and someone to reach out to when in need. Mom2Mom global is here to make sure this happens!

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