Does My Insurance Plan Cover Back Braces?

A back injury can be one of the most debilitating experiences any man or woman can experience. It is not until you are suffering from pain that you start to appreciate your pain-free days. What is even worse is not knowing whether or not you will be able to cover the cost of purchasing a back brace so that you can start to get relief sooner rather than later. The short answer is yes — most insurance providers and Medicare will cover a majority of the cost of a back, knee, wrist or ankle brace!

Consult with your doctor

Most insurance plans will cover some of the cost of a back brace

It is important to speak with your doctor to determine what kind of injury or condition you have so that you can purchase the back brace that is suited to your condition.

Another important detail to remember that a good back brace should fit your body type. Your height, weight, and girth are all important information that will inform your decision on the model of back brace you buy.

Find the right style of brace

The Delco-Discovery 9 is a great back brace for extended use.Back braces come in a variety of styles. If you need more support to help pull your shoulders back, then you want to choose a model like a Delco Discovery brace, which uses suspender-like straps. There is also a band around the waist to support your abdomen.

If you are in need of support in the lower back area only, then you will want to choose a lumbosacral brace that wraps around the lower waist. This back brace model wraps across the lower back for stability and relief from strain.

Know your financial options

A common question for those suffering from back pain is whether or not Medicare or insurance plans will cover back braces. In most circumstances, insurance coverage for back braces is around 80%. You are able to use secondary insurance or out of pocket payments to cover the remaining 20%. You can expect for Medicare to cover the cost of your back brace once every 5 years.

Aeroflow can help you get a back brace through your insurance or Medicare quickly and easily. In order to cover the cost of your back brace with Insurance or Medicare, you must have a valid prescription from your doctor stating that your back brace is a medical necessity. Aeroflow provides an online qualification form to make the process a bit smoother for you. At that point, one of Aeroflow’s bracing specialists with contact you to get further information about your insurance and the kind of back brace you need. You can also discuss delivery options at that time.

It is Aeroflow’s mission to ensure that you get a back brace quickly and easily to treat your pain. We are here to ensure that you get all your questions answered so that you can receive your back brace and move on to healing.

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