medela 2-phase expression technology

Medela 2-Phase Expression Technology

By choosing to breastfeed you are giving your baby the best possible start at life.  Not only will you be supplying your little one with disease fighting nutrients and immunities made-to-order, you will also be experiencing a unique and beautiful time with your little one that promotes bonding.  If you worry that returning to work or spending time away from your new addition will prevent you from continuing to breastfeed you’re in luck!  Medela breastpumps are manufactured exclusively with 2-Phase Expression technology so using their breastpumps are just like breastfeeding your little one!

What is 2-Phase Expression technology?

Did you know current breastpumps are based on a study by Einar Egnell that dates back to the 1950s?  Sounds pretty out of date, no?  Medela had that same sentiment and decided it was time to provide new scientific evidence for the modern breastpump design.

In the late 1990s, Medela set out to produce the most comfortable and efficient breastpump on the market; one that mimicked a baby’s natural rhythm.  With help from Professor Peter Hartmann and his team, in 2002 breakthrough research findings resulted in the development of an exclusive pumping pattern called 2-Phase Expression which is employed in the Medela breastpumps you know and trust.

Studies have shown that babies naturally nurse in 2 phases

The revolutionary 2-Phase Expression technology consists of:

  • Phase 1 – Fast and light sucking to start the milk flowing
  • Phase 2 – When the milk starts flowing the baby switches to slower, deeper sucks to get milk as quickly as possible

Stimulation phase (phase 1) starts out fast and light to start your milk flow.  Once your milk has begun to flow the breastpump will switch to Expression phase (phase 2).  In this phase the breastpump works slower and with more vacuum to express more milk gently and efficiently.

Additional 2-Phase Expression benefits

Not only are Medela breastpumps proven to feel most like a baby thanks to their 2-Phase Expression technology, they are also proven to express more milk in less time.

Qualifying for your 2-Phase Expression technology breastpump

Qualifying for your 2-Phase Expression technology breastpump has never been easier!  Simply fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form and one of our certified Breastpump Specialists will verify your benefits, contact you with your options, and even request your prescription from your doctor!  All you have to do is wait for your new Medela breastpump with 2-Phase Expression technology to arrive.  For immediate assistance feel free to contact us at 844-867-9890.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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