Making the Most of Your Deductible

Are you making the most of your insurance coverage? If there is one thing certain in life, we can always expect the unexpected. There are, however, some steps and measures you can take to utilize your policies benefits to your advantage. Making the most of your deductible is not an easy task by any means, but with some simple strategy and planning, you can have it working in your favor.

There are some aspects of maintaining your health that cannot be postponed when things like emergencies or unexpected illness occurs. Other non-urgent matters can be conducted at a time more convenient in the year to avoid out of pocket costs stacking up. It is important to understand your policy, but it is more important to not be afraid to ask someone to review your benefits. Utilize your Human Resources department at work to review your group plan or just simply give your carrier a call. You can also check out Navigating Your Private Insurance Deductible.

Your health plan may also require a high deductible to be met before your coverage will engage. This means that your insurance is “covering” your care, but you must pay towards a requirement before they will begin paying the majority of the billed amount. Most plans will also have an out-of-pocket limit or “catastrophic cap” that will pay 100% of covered services to ensure that you are not stretched beyond your means. In some situations, it is actually more affordable to pay for equipment without going through insurance. Aeroflow Healthcare has created an avenue for these situations to make medical equipment available to virtually everyone at a cost you can afford. Read Buying Your Medical Equipment Without Insurance for more information about this.

If your doctor has prescribed medical equipment for your condition, you could potentially face some hefty out of pocket costs. Perhaps your physician has recommended CPAP therapy after your latest sleep study. Aeroflow understands your situation and worked with many people to ensure you receive the care that you need. Our highly skilled Patient Care Representatives are ready to help you make the most out of your deductible and provide a solution that is the most affordable to you. You can learn more at How the Qualify Through Insurance Process Works.

Insurance coverage and individual plans can be confusing and difficult to understand. Fortunately, Aeroflow has an excellent understanding of many types of insurance plans and how they are helping provide care to you and your family. Most insurance deductibles reset at the beginning of the year, so now could be the most opportune time for you. We are also in network with virtually every major insurance provider and our representatives are ready to answer any question you may have. Are you looking to find the most affordable solution to your Doctor’s latest recommendation? Let us help you get started today!

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