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Making the Choice to Age at Home

The fear of many aging Americans is that after retiring and growing into old age, they would have to spend the last of their years living in a nursing home. Moving away from family and friends is one of the tougher parts of aging. However, that is quickly starting to change as many older Americans with chronic health problems are finding new ways to choose home care with the support of family, paid caregivers or other loved ones.

Home Care vs. Nursing Homes

Researchers recently discovered that more than half of seniors with a disability were participating in a home health care program. This is an increase in the number of seniors living at home in the 90’s. If you were to ask most seniors about where they would like to live out their lives, most would prefer home care as opposed to a nursing home.

However, staying at home does not come without its challenges. Taking care of an elderly parent, grandparent or loved one at home can put a significant strain on caregivers. Research shows that many caregivers are spending in excess of 20 hours per week caring for a relative. It would be difficult for the caregiver to hold down a full-time job in addition to caring for their loved one.

Home Medical Equipment Makes Life Easier

Whether the care is given by a family member or a paid outsider, it’s important to know that there are tools and equipment that make caregiving at home just a little bit easier. Here are a few products to help get you started:

  1. Lift chairs can assist older people with mobility problems who also want to maintain some kind of independence. A lift chair can be easily placed in a bedroom, living room or a sunny porch. Your loved one can sit and get up without much strain. It can also help the person stand on their own to get to their walker. It may also be a big help to support someone who sits in a wheelchair or scooter.
  2. Most conventional beds can become uncomfortable for people who are bedridden for longer periods of time. A fully adjustable Hospital Bed with a soft, breathable mattress provides patients the option to comfortably recover at home. Bariatric style beds can hold a capacity of up to 750 pounds and have a 48-inch surface that is more comfortable than the traditional full-size bed.
  3. A Bath Lift is a great way to help those with limited mobility enjoy a hot bath. A warm bath is a great therapy for those with sore muscles, overall stress and poor circulation. Bath lifts will allow your loved one to be safe while enjoying the comfort and healing of a warm bath.

Improvements to the comfort and efficiency of home medical equipment have made it easier for you to care for your loved ones at home. Whether you decide to give the care yourself, or hire a professional caretaker, Aeroflow Healthcare has the equipment you need to ensure that your loved one is able to age at home for as long as possible.

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