Investing in a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Using a portable oxygen concentrator will allow you to stay active.

Are you currently using a traditional oxygen machine that forces you to stay indoors or miss out on events with family and friends? Would you like to live a more active lifestyle where you get to be in the driver’s seat of how you spend your time?

It used to be that people who depended on an oxygen supply had a difficult time trying to make travel plans. The original tanks were large, bulky, and difficult to maintain. People who used concentrators often experienced very limited mobility and were forced to spend most of their days in a bed or chair. Nowadays, medical technology has advanced to where those who depend on oxygen can take their equipment wherever they go.

How Portable Oxygen Concentrators Work

The traditional oxygen tank system uses a heavy cylinder to store a limited supply of oxygen for users. This is what makes this technology unusable for today’s patient. Rather than store the needed oxygen for patients, today’s portable oxygen concentrators use a system that collects air from the immediate area. The machine is then able to concentrate the air and provide the patient with the right amount of oxygen when needed.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Benefits

One of the biggest benefits to having a portable oxygen concentrator is the lightweight equipment. The portable machine does not store any oxygen, making it considerably lighter than the traditional version. What that means for you is that you can take your unit to visit family and friends, to run errands, or even on doctor visits without much hassle. For a revolutionary, lightweight POC, check out the SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator by Respironics.

Another benefit of using a portable oxygen concentrator is that you don’t have to worry about being connected to a power source. Portable units utilize rechargeable batteries that give you several hours of oxygen flow when away from home. Users can easily charge their portable units with a wall socket or a car adapter. Having this option makes it easier for you to plan your day and stay active.

The third benefit of having a portable oxygen concentrator is that it helps to improve overall health and wellness. We all know that exercise is an important part of healthy living. However, sticking to a regular exercise regime when you use an oxygen tank can be daunting. The portable oxygen concentrator will help you to increase your tolerance for exercise. You can also expect to experience greater mental alertness due to the increased flow of oxygen that is free to circulate to your brain and other major organs.

Invest in a Quality Device for Best Results

Making the decision to invest in a portable oxygen concentrator can very well be one of the best decisions you can make for your life and lifestyle. If you feel like your traditional oxygen tank is leaving you locked in the house with limited connection to friends and family, then investing in a portable oxygen concentrator is the best choice that you can make!

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