important information about insurance coverage

Important Information About Insurance Coverage

Getting the medical supplies you need when you need them is important and knowing whether insurance will help pay for them is equally important. Insurance guidelines change often and it is good practice to periodically check with your insurance to make sure policies and standards are the same each time your plan renews. You should also receive a copy of your insurance policy explaining this with each renewal. Below you will find important information about insurance coverage.

Important information about Insurance Coverage:

Having insurance does not mean your insurance plan will pay for the products and services you want covered.  Most insurance requires a deductible amount to be met each year/term before they will pay for or reimburse you for the requested items. Once that is met, insurance will pay their portion but you will be responsible for the copay amount if insurance does not cover 100% of the cost for products and services. If you have a supplemental or secondary insurance policy, it may cover the remaining portion not covered by your primary insurance after your deductible has been met.

Insurance may pay for items or equipment considered medically necessary to meet your basic needs such as mobility equipment. Any additions or special features desired for a powered mobility device may not be considered medically necessary to assist in improving your mobility needs.

What you need to know about Insurance Coverage

  1. Insurance pays in full for the item or equipment and then it belongs to you.
  2. You could “rent” the equipment continuously until it is no longer necessary.
  3. Or, your insurance could issue a ‘capped’ rental, in which Insurance will rent the item for a predetermined amount of time. After this point the item is considered purchased and it will belong to you.
  4. Insurance sometimes will not allow you to purchase these items outright so the entire copay amount is not your responsibility in one lump sum but over an extended period of time. This will also protect the insurance carrier from overpaying in the instance your medical needs change.

We hope this blog provided you with insight on important information about insurance coverage. If you suffer from limited mobility and are interested in obtaining a power wheelchair through insurance, Aeroflow Healthcare is here to help!  You can qualify online or give us a call at 888-345-1780 and one of our mobility experts will be able to assist you throughout the process.

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