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Importance of Bathroom Safety Equipment for Mobility Patients

Making sure your bathroom is as safe as possible is never more important than for individuals with limited mobility. The bathroom is the top location where falls and injuries in the home occur. Mobility patients are disadvantaged in this instance and are likely to experience mishaps than other folks. This is why it is best to safeguard your bathroom against falls. For young children or pediatric patients who have specialized medical needs, those who have sustained injuries, elderly individuals and or those who cannot stand for prolonged periods of time, it is best to consider what this entails.

There are a few things you can do to make your bathroom much safer. For instance, whenever possible, give yourself enough time to get to the restroom. If you get in a hurry you will more likely become frantic and make more mistakes. You should also consider the following:

  • If your bathroom has ceramic tile or any other slick surface, be sure to have rugs and other non-skid or slip surface areas installed to help prevent falls.
  • Add additional furniture for seating to your bathroom. Make sure the chair or seat is solid and sturdy. You do not want to sit down and fall by sitting in a weak chair or stool. You should also consider adding a shower seat. You can probably spend the longest time standing while in the shower, adding a seat will allow you to sit during this time.
  • Look into bathroom wheelchairs. These are widely used in assisted living or nursing homes.
  • Do not engage in any unnecessary activity. Extra bending and stretching and also reaching should not be done. Have additional shelving and organizers installed to make things easier to reach.
  • Consider installing grab bars to allow for secure handholds.
  • Toilet safety should also be considered. Purchase a raised toilet seat or commode chair to make it easier to get up. Also, a raised toilet tissue holder will make things much easier. There are also devices that allow you to flush the toilet with your foot instead of using your hand.

For more information for your mobility needs, or to search our catalog of bathroom safety equipment, please contact us at 888-345-1780.

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