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How To Talk To Your Doctor About ED

For many men, talking to a medical professional about erectile dysfunction can be a challenge. To reach a solution and find the best treatment for you, the subject has to be brought up. There are different ways to make the appointment with your doctor easier.

The first step is to make the appointment at all, and letting the receptionist know why you are coming in is important. Office staffs are bound by both HIPAA privacy regulations and confidentiality practices, so there is no reason to fear that it will be unnecessarily disclosed to anyone. When they ask the reason for your visit, simply saying that you want to talk about sexual health issues is sufficient. You may also want to schedule an HIV/STD screening as it is imperative for sexually active individuals to know their status and disclose it to partners.

Prior to your appointment, be sure to take stock of your general well being. If you regularly smoke and drink, take other medications, or work in a high-stress environment, mentioning it to the doctor will be helpful in the evaluation. Often erectile dysfunction is a symptom of other health issues, particularly cardiovascular illness, and remedying the underlying problem can halt ED. Your doctor will also likely want to assess what effects erectile dysfunction is having in your life: are you experiencing anxiety or low self confidence? Are any relationships in jeopardy because of unsatisfactory intercourse?

Preparing in this way will give you a web of topics which all somehow stem from your experience of ED. Drawing up a list of questions touching on these topics will also ease the awkwardness of the appointment.  Knowing to what extent your doctor can assist in managing erectile dysfunction and your options ahead of time will allow the doctor to more rapidly develop a treatment plan. If your partner is able to come to this appointment and help keep track of information, this is also beneficial as good sex is a mutual enterprise.

Breaking down the anxiety around discussing erectile dysfunction is a major step toward battling the problem. Aeroflow Healthcare staff are also available to discuss ED treatment options and assist in preparing for your visit to the doctor. Contact us today through web or phone. Getting the most out of your visit will be another step toward making erectile dysfunction an afterthought.

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