Winter Allergies

How to Fight Winter Allergies

The terms “allergies” and “allergic” are synonymous with the springtime. You may be catching a break from pollen-based allergies during the winter, but did you know different kind of allergies could also affect your health?  Winter allergies are not commonly discussed, but can create a lot of frustration and headaches (literally).  Perhaps you have been suffering from allergies in the wintertime more than you realized.

Winter allergies can be triggered by an influx of dust mites or mold in the colder times of the year.  This can exacerbate conditions such as asthma, upper respiratory infections, or even bronchitis that leaves you with difficulty breathing.  Home nebulizer therapy can be an effective form of treatment for winter allergies.  Did you know nebulizers are covered by virtually all insurance plans at little or no cost to you? Learn more at to see if your insurance will cover the costs.

You may also be wondering what is difference between a nebulizer and an inhaler. Nebulizers are small devices which turn liquid medication that is breathed in through a facemask. Inhalers work by using metered doses that is quickly pumped into the mouth and throat of the patient, who then inhales quickly in order to absorb the medication. Please visit our Nebulizer page to learn more and to find out which product will work better for you.

Perhaps you already have a nebulizer but you haven’t used it since last winter.  More than likely, your machine needs the supplies replaced in order for it to function properly.  This is recommended, not only for performance, but also to avoid bacteria buildups to make sure you don’t further complicate your condition.  Aeroflow is here to make sure your nebulizer is up to par and we can help you replace the components and even troubleshoot the machine if it is not working accurately.  Your health insurance may even cover the replacement supplies associated with the machine once every 6-12 months.  Depending on how often your healthcare will replace the machine, you could also be a candidate for a replacement nebulizer.

Sometimes the struggles we face with our health are misdiagnosed as an allergic reaction when it’s really the result of underlying condition.  Aeroflow also offers free in-home sleep testing to check your sleep patterns and to see how well you are sleeping.  Many people lose oxygen when they sleep, causing an array of complications within their body. A sleep test can provide enough information to determine if a patient needs treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) , and the patient may need a CPAP machine.  Even if you are just curious, we can help you start this process today.  Take a no-risk sleep assessment online.

Whether you are developing a persistent cough or having difficulty breathing, the winter can bring on quite an extensive list of respiratory conditions.  There is no need to fret, as Aeroflow has effective solutions  for winter allergies and our experts are ready to help you today. Please call us at 888-345-1780 or contact us through email.

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