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How Often Should I Replace My Breastfeeding Supplies?

Ever wonder how often you should replace your breastfeeding supplies? When considering the frequency you should replace breast pump parts and accessories, remember, proper care of the device is key to the longevity and overall functionality of the product. The FDA recommends cleaning items coming into contact with breast milk after each use. Bottles, valves, and breast shields require cleaning after each use since those parts receive exposure to breast milk. The FDA discourages the use of a cloth to dry the component interiors encountering breast milk, or touching the interior of those components in order to reduce contamination. It is best to refer to the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer when determining the appropriate means for sanitation specifically designed for your unique device. The manufacturer will indicate if certain parts are dishwasher safe and provide other essential maintenance instructions. Proper care outlined by the manufacturer can keep maintenance tasks simpler for the consumer and potentially reduce unnecessary costs associated with poor upkeep.

In order to simplify the cleaning and ongoing care of your breast pump you may purchase items such as microwave sterilization bags and wipes specifically designed for breast pumps. Replacement parts are great to have on hand to ensure clean utensils are always available. Having replacement parts handy ensures an uninterrupted breastfeeding experience in the instance a part may be damaged or lose functionality over time. In fact, many upgrade breast pump packages include a double pumping kit as part of the content material. Additionally, Healthcare Reform compliant insurance policies allow coverage for breastfeeding equipment such as breast pumps and include ongoing coverage of supplies.   Aeroflow Healthcare has a team of dedicated Breast Pump Specialists willing to work directly with your insurance carrier and determine the specific benefits outlined by your policy. If your policy offers ongoing coverage for breastfeeding supplies in addition to coverage of a breast pump, Aeroflow will send you email notifications to make reordering of those supplies a breeze! features a wide selection of cleaning accessories as well as replacement parts for purchase directly from the online store. Check out the online store today! The experienced Breast Pump Specialist team is also available via chat if you have any questions while visiting the online store. Aeroflow Healthcare looks forward to assisting you, and takes pride in excellent customer support!

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