How Do Nebulizers Work?

For many people, difficulty with breathing can be a source frequent anxiety. Due to factors beyond their control, it is not uncommon to need to administer some type of treatment or preventative measure on a daily basis. One of the most ever-present and trusted sources of breathing treatments is the nebulizer. At one time, cumbersome pieces of equipment that could be loud, cumbersome, and frightening to children who had to use them for treatments, nebulizers have become quiet, accessible, and can even come in fun shapes and colorations. Patients or parents of patients dealing with asthma, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, and other conditions that may cause their doctor to prescribe a nebulizer may find themselves asking: just how does a nebulizer work?

Nebulizers work by atomizing liquid medicine into an inhalable gas form, which can then be easily breathed in by the patient. In addition to being an easier way to administer medicine than traditional oral methods, particularly for infants, nebulized medicine also dissipates into the lungs faster, entering the bloodstream more quickly and providing relief as fast as possible. Home nebulizers work off of an AC power source which will plug into any standard outlet, freeing patients to administer treatments in their bedroom, living room, or any other area of the home that they choose. In this way, nebulizer breathing treatments can become less cumbersome and obstructive to daily life activities like cooking, watching TV, or sleeping.

For added convenience, many patients will be interested to know that portable nebulizers have evolved to such a degree that they can often fit in your purse or a compartment of your car. Utilizing a cigarette lighter or power-port adapter, or rechargeable batteries, portable nebulizers can free patients from worrying what will happen if they are away from home when difficulty breathing strikes.

Typically, a mouthpiece with a longer piece of tubing attached to it will enable to the patient to take the atomized medicine in. However, a nebulizer mask is also frequently used. This mask can be a simple clear plastic mask that covers the nose and mouth, and can enable patients to more passively sit back and let their atomized medication flow freely without holding a mouthpiece. However in many cases, much to the delight of children requiring breathing treatments, nebulizer masks are also available in fun and interesting characters such as elephants, dragons, or even your child’s favorite superhero. This is equally true of the nebulizer machine itself, which can come in any number of fun characters or objects, including cats, racecars, or seals. These characters can be tailored to their child’s preferences, enabling the equipment to blend in with other objects already in their room, comforting them. By making the treatment visually appealing, parents will be able to make sure that their child’s nebulizer treatment is not something they need to have conflict with their child over, but something they will accept as part of their daily routine as long as their health requires it.

If you or your child is dealing with difficulty breathing, an order from their physician or pediatrician will be necessary for them to get either a home or portable nebulizer, as well as the respective medicine for the machine itself. Contact Aeroflow Healthcare today to talk to one of our trained representatives about the wide variety of nebulizer equipment we have available. We will work with your insurance company to ensure that your machine, as well as any replacement or supplemental parts, are provided to you at little to no cost.

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