horizon back brace by aspen medical

Horizon Back Braces by Aspen Medical

Are you tired of trying to manage back pain? Nearly 65 million Americans suffer from back pain every day, and it is the second most common reason for medical visits. At Aeroflow Healthcare, we can help you qualify through your insurance today and receive a Horizon Back Brace from Aspen Medical, one of the industry leaders in bracing technology.

A Better Class of Back Brace

The Horizon line of back braces from Aspen Medical carries many features that can’t be found in other back braces. Inelastic by design, the Horizon back braces can be more effective in relieving lower back pain than an elastic brace, as the inelastic design improves trunk stability. With a firm but flexible back panel, Horizon back braces naturally conform to the shape of your back, providing support that is more customized to your needs than other braces on the market.horizon back brace by aspen medical

The Right Size for Every Condition

Designed to fit nearly every size of waist, from 24” to 70”, the Horizon back braces from Aspen Medical are some of the most versatile braces available. Simple pull-through sizing allows one brace to fit a wide variety of waist sizes without the need for cutting. Also featuring embroidered size indicators, the Horizon back braces are easy to adjust and change sizes. Best of all, the low-profile design can be comfortably worn under your clothing.

horizon back brace by aspen medical

Qualify Through Your Insurance Today

We understand that working with your insurance provider can be a difficult process. At Aeroflow Healthcare, we work with a vast assortment of insurance companies as well as your doctor to make this process easier for you. With medical documentation from your primary care physician, your Aspen Medical Horizon Back Brace could be covered up to 100% by your insurance. Once approved, we have the Horizon back brace delivered directly to your door at no additional cost. Fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form and start the process to qualify for a Horizon back brace by Aspen Medical through insurance today!

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