Give the Gift of Comfort this Holiday Season with a Lift Chair

Give the gift of comfort this holiday season with a lift chair

If you’re caring for an aging loved one then you know that the simplest tasks can become huge hurdles for them. With just one misstep, even the act of getting up from watching television could potentially result in a painful fall. Have you ever considered giving the gift of a lift chair this holiday season? Keep reading to discover how a cozy lift chair could be the perfect present for your loved ones!

What Makes a Lift Chair So Special?

Compared to your standard recliner, a lift chair can be a game changer for anyone who is experiencing mobility issues. Although it looks very similar to a traditional recliner, a lift chair is equipped with a powerful electric motor that controls a lifting mechanism, which is controlled by the user through simple hand controls. The lifting action pushes the entire chair up from its base to help the user into a standing position!

Giving the Gift of Comfort

Giving a lift chair for the holidays can be the ultimate gift for someone who experiences reduced mobility and debilitating pain. Whether your loved one has arthritis, is recovering from surgery, or has become too feeble to lift themselves from a sitting position, a lift chair can provide a number of benefits to make their lives more comfortable.Serenity Collection Chaise Lounger

First, you’ll be giving your loved one the gift of independence. Many of our loved ones are not used to being in the role of a dependent, and they may be feeling guilty or ashamed about requiring care from us. A lift chair can increase independence by making it possible for them to get up without assistance. This simple addition to their home can even mean the difference between your loved one staying in their own house or moving to a nursing home.

Also, a lift chair can reduce the chance of your loved one injuring themselves. Those of us who don’t have an injury or chronic condition probably don’t realize how much work it is for our bodies to go from a sitting to a standing position. There are a large number of muscles and joints that all have to work together if we want to stand upright without pain or strain. A supportive chair can take the pressure off of already sensitive or weak joints and muscles, preventing your loved one from exacerbating an old injury or hurting themselves.

And a Gift For You Too!

Don’t forget that when you provide your loved one with a lift chair that you’ll also be giving yourself a gift at the same time. Now you’ll be able to let your loved one enjoy the comfort of their lift chair while watching television or reading without having to supervise them in case they injure themselves.

Plus, you’ll quite literally save your own gluteus maximus by giving the gift of a lift chair. Approximately half of home caregivers experience some type of injury while helping an older loved one. So let the chair do all the work so that you can save your back and your behind from unnecessary strain.

The bottom line is that a lift chair can be an excellent gift for the holidays for both your loved one and yourself!

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