Getting Seniors Online for Medical Supply Orders

getting seniors online for medical supply orders

You’ve already discovered the joys of ordering everything from shoes to movie tickets online, and maybe you’re wondering if your aging loved one could also benefit from ordering their medical supplies via the web. You might worry that your parent or older friend might not be as technologically savvy as you are. Keep reading to discover what you can do to help seniors access the web to maintain their independence.

Give the Gift of Technology

You can keep badgering your favorite senior to buy a computer, but they may never make that big ticket purchase if they don’t see the point. They’ve gone 70+ years without a computer, so why do they need one now?

If you give them a computer or a tablet as a gift, and tell them that it’s actually a gift for both of you, then they’ll be much more receptive to using it. Try to frame the gift as something you would love them to use to make communication easier. For example, you could say, “Mom, it would be great if we could actually see each other during our weekly phone calls by using Skype!”

Make Their Computer Senior-Friendly

You may not realize it, but most computers and tablets aren’t designed with seniors in mind. Tech jargon you’ve mastered long ago like ‘cookies’, ‘browsing’, and ‘streaming’ may be completely new concepts to certain seniors. At the same time, the tiny nameless icons that litter most homepages can be overwhelming to someone who has never used a computer before.

Simplify things for your senior by changing some of the settings on their computer. Make the text bigger and increase the volume. Also, consider simplifying their homepage by removing any icons they wouldn’t use on a daily or weekly basis. Finally, consider spending a bit of time explaining what certain computer-related concepts mean.

Explain to Them the Benefits of the Web

Your senior already knows that they’ll be able to email you, check up on you on Facebook, and set up a video call on Skype, but do they also know they can order all of their medical supplies online from the convenience of their own home?

Many seniors have to take monthly or weekly trips to replenish incontinence supplies like bladder control pads and absorbent underwear, mobility aids, and aids they need to make day-to-day life easier. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if they could just order everything they need from the comfort of their favorite armchair?

Comfort aside, ordering online can take away the embarrassment that can come with buying incontinence products. In fact, Aeroflow offers monthly delivery of incontinence supplies using discrete packaging that can remove the hassle and embarrassment from a monthly trip to the drug store.

Overall, the web can be an amazing tool for an aging loved one that will allow them to order and access the medical supplies they need to live a comfortable and independent life.

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