Getting Comfortable in Your Wheelchair

Whether it is your first time in a wheelchair or if you are just in need of a new one, comfort is a key factor in finding the perfect wheelchair to fit your needs. If you have owned or operated a wheelchair before you know that it can sometimes be difficult to get comfortable in your wheelchair.

No matter the type of wheelchair you are looking for, you are most likely going to spend a lot of time in it. When deciding which wheelchair is right for you, there are many factors you should consider, ranging from your height and weight, to the condition of you skin. Below are some great ways to ensure your comfort in your new wheelchair.

  • The first step in getting comfortable in your wheelchair is obtaining the right size for your body type. At Aeroflow, we provide wheelchairs of all sizes and dimensions. It is important that the wheelchair you choose is neither too small nor too large, but large enough to allow for any growth or weight gain that may occur during the time you are in the chair. It is equally important that the height of the chair is adequate to provide proper support for you back.
  • Getting the appropriate cushion is another significant factor in getting comfortable in your wheelchair. Sitting for long hours in a wheelchair can be difficult at first; a comfortable cushion can help with this transition. Also, if you have compromised skin integrity or pressure ulcers, a pressure relieving cushion is essential in reducing further breakdown. Browse the many different types of cushions that Aeroflow has to offer.
  • Edema and loss of sensation in your legs can cause you discomfort in your wheelchair. An elevated leg rest could help to relieve the pressure and ache in your legs, helping you get comfortable in your wheelchair. Leg rests can keep your feet elevated comfortably whether you are maneuvering the wheelchair or just during a period of sitting. If elevation of your legs is suggested by your doctor, an elevated leg rest will provide the support you need while assisting in enhanced circulation for your legs.

Now that you are equipped with all of the information you need to pick out your ideal wheelchair, visit our Aeroflow Direct  to check out Aeroflow’s selection of wheelchairs.

Be sure to also complete our Qualify through Insurance form to see if you may qualify for a wheelchair through your insurance. We always have a dedicated team of Customer Service Representatives ready to assist you as well; call us at 888-345-1780 with any questions you may have.

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