FAQ: How Long Does It Take To Get A Power Wheelchair

By Brittany Laws How long does it take to get a power wheelchair?

  • Getting a power wheelchair is a process. First, you need to schedule a mobility appointment with your doctor. Your doctor will need to document all your mobility impairments in a face-2-face visit, and send the office notes and an order for a power wheelchair to the DME provider. The next thing that will happen is the notes will go through an internal review. Someone, who is well trained, will read through the office note to determine medical necessity for your power wheelchair based on Medicare guidelines. Some insurance will require a prior authorization, which means the office notes must be sent to your insurance company for them to review for medical necessity as well. Once all necessary steps have been completed to make sure insurance will cover your power wheelchair a delivery will be scheduled. The last step of the process is delivery and set up to make sure that you are comfortable with your new power wheelchair. This process can be accomplished in as little as a week depending on you, your insurance plan, and your doctor’s cooperation. Unfortunately for some cases it does take longer.Can I use my power wheelchair outside?
  • No. You should not use your power wheelchair outdoors. Power wheelchairs are manufactured for assistance of your Mobility related ADLS (activities of daily living), all of which are accomplished inside your home. The tires are not made for the outdoor terrain. The motor and electronics on the power wheelchair are not built to withstand adverse weather conditions. The power wheelchair is battery operated, so the charge on the batter may not last as long as you need while outdoors, leaving you stranded should the power wheelchairs battery run low or die. All the practical reasons aside, insurance simply will not cover a power wheelchair for solely outdoor use.Will insurance pay for my power wheelchair?
  • In most cases yes. Insurance will cover a portion of your power wheelchair based on your policy and benefits if the power wheelchair is deemed medically necessary. This is why it is incredibly important to have the face 2 face visit with your doctor; so that once your insurance company gets the claim for your power wheelchair it will be paid. A claim is basically the provider sending all the information regarding your power wheelchair to your insurance company, requesting payment of the equipment which they supplied to you. Occasionally a claim will be denied and insurance will refuse to pay, however we will do all we can to have the decision reversed and get your power wheelchair paid for by your insurance company.
    • Example: Medicare Part B covers a power wheelchair at 80%, so therefore once the claim is filed and Medicare has determined it is medically necessary for you then they will pay for 80% of the total cost of the power wheelchair.If I already have a power wheel chair can I get a new one?
  • Maybe. Depending on the condition of your current chair and how old it is insurance may pay for a new one. Medicare will pay for a new power wheelchair ever 5 years; that is if a new one is needed. If you have had a power wheelchair for 5 years and it is still functioning properly as long as there isn’t any damage to impair use then you may have to wait longer than 5 years for insurance to cover a new one. However normal wear and tear over 5 years is enough to warrant a new power wheelchair for most patients. If you have a power wheelchair that is no longer safe for you to use due to physical weight gain or a deconditioning medical condition insurance will pay for a more appropriate power wheelchair.Will insurance pay for repairs and batter replacements?
  • Yes. Insurance will pay for repairs covered by the warranty. Of course the covered cost will depend on your insurance, benefits, how long you have had the power wheel chair, and rather or not your insurance has capped out (meaning you own the power wheel chair now, insurance is no longer paying for it). There are certain circumstances that must be met in order to obtain repairs on certain parts of your power wheelchair. Should your chair have a problem that can not be fixed by a technician coming to your house, you could receive a loaner chair. Some insurance companies will cover the cost of the loaner while your chair is being repaired. Insurance will pay for a battery replacement after the initial year, and subsequently every 6 months after. However this is not automatically done by the supplier.How do I know if I can get a power wheelchair and if insurance will cover it?
  • To get stated check out our Qualify Through Insurance form. If you have any questions or want to follow up we have specially trained mobility specialist who can answer any other question you may have. Give us a call at 888-354-1780
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