Drive Medalist 450

Drive Medalist 450 Power Wheelchair

When searching for a heavy-duty power wheelchair you may feel your options are limited. Heavy-duty power wheelchair are perceived as bigger and bulkier and less mobile. However, you may be surprised to learn that your options are not as limited as you may think.

Among your options for a heavy-duty power wheelchair is the Drive Medalist 450. This is one of the most reliable heavy-duty chairs on the market. While the Drive Medalist 450 is a bit larger than a standard power wheelchair, it still demonstrates all of the performance and capability that one expects from a heavy-duty power wheelchair.

The Drive Medalist 450 is available as a 22” or 24” captain’s seat. It is adequately capable for use of persons up to 450 pounds. It has a moderate size base with dimensions of 24”x40”, which allows for a turning radius of 31 inches. As with all power wheelchairs, the Drive Medalist 450 comes standard with a cushioned head rest , limited recline seating, padded adjustable armrest with adjustable length control,  and a flip up foot rest, or an elevated leg rest if you qualify.

What sets the Drive Medalist 450 apart from other heavy-duty chairs is the frame. Unlike many heavy-duty power wheelchairs, the Medalist 450 has four post seating, which means the seat is attached to the frame by four posts whereas in other models there is only a single post. This unique feature is one that allows users more stability and safer transfer ability.

Another feature that enhances safety on the Drive Medalist 450 is the rear wheel drive with flat-free tires. This feature will ensure a smooth ride and easy steering for the operator. The Medalist 450 is also battery operated and can travel up to 15 miles on a single full charge. The Drive Medalist 450 is a power wheelchair built to be utilized indoors and on an indoor surface. While use of the power wheelchair on outdoor terrain will not impede its performance, it is not advised.

For more information on the Drive Medalist 450 power wheelchair, visit the Aeroflow Healthcare website.

If you have any questions on this specific power wheelchair or any mobility devices offered by Aeroflow Healthcare, give us a call at 844-686-5539. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to provide more information to you.  You can also visit our website to view all of the power wheelchair and scooter devices that Aeroflow has to offer.  You can also find out if you qualify for your mobility equipment through insurance. Simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form and one of our Patient Care Representatives will verify your insurance and contact you to discuss your coverage and options.

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