Do You Need a Knee Brace?

Using a knee brace can help with pain management and promote recovery.

Limping around with an inflamed knee is no fun no matter who you are. But instead of ‘powering’ through the pain, have you ever considered supporting your knee with a brace? You don’t have to spend a fortune on a high-quality brace. In fact, insurance and Medicare will cover the cost of a medically-necessary brace. So just ask yourself the following questions to determine whether a knee brace may be right for you.

Are You Recovering From an Injury?

Whether you’re fresh from surgery for an ACL, PCL, or MCL injury, or you recently experienced a bad strain, supporting your knee with a brace will help your body heal more quickly and get you back to normal in no time.

There are two main reasons one would want to use a knee brace while recovering from an injury:

  • Structural Support: It is essential that your knee joint remains stable to prevent further damage and to allow the body to properly heal.
  • Pain Relief: Braces realign the knee to take pressure off of damaged joint and muscle tissue.

The Delco ROM Hinged Brace is easy to put on, and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time so it’s the perfect option for those recovering from a painful injury that has limited their mobility. Plus, the advanced Spacer Mesh system ensures the knee is well supported during recovery.

Are You An Athlete?

Being an athlete can be hard on the body, especially if you’re involved in a sport that causes repetitive motion to the same joints. Those of us who play soccer, basketball, football or tennis are particularly prone to knee injuries, especially ACL tears. So if we want to keep partaking in our favorite pastimes then we need to take good care of our knees. If you have noticed that your knees feel sore after a rousing game of tennis, or you seem to be limping after an intense weekend of football with your friends, then take preventive action now by trying out a Delco Rom Hinged Knee Brace.

Using a hinged knee brace is the perfect option for athletes because they allow the wearer to still move their knee naturally so performance won’t be affected. Plus, this easy-to-wear brace features moisture-wicking fabric so you’ll stay cool during sweat-inducing physical activity. And the covered hinges mean you can safely wear this brace during the most aggressive game of football.

Do You Have Osteoarthritis?

As we get older and experience regular wear and tear, many of us will wear down the soft cushioning between our knee joints, causing pain as bones grind together. This grinding causes pain, inflammation, swelling, and generally makes day-to-day activities unpleasant and harder to accomplish. By using a brace like the Delco ROM, you can reduce pain and slow down the breakdown of impact-absorbing joint tissue so that you can stay active and engaged with life for a longer time.

The bottom line is if you answered yes to any of the above questions, it’s in your best interest to consider using a knee brace to support your body as it heals.

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