Different types of wheelchair ramps

Different Types of Wheelchair Ramps

Life with a wheelchair requires adjustments. A primary adjustment you’ll need to make is the physical structure of entry into and out of your home. If you have an entry way with steps it can be dangerous, if not impossible, to safely gain access into or out of your home. One possible solution to this issue is a wheelchair ramp.

There are a variety of ramps which can be made of different materials and come at a range of prices. Below are a few basics you should know about wheelchair ramps for your home.

Wheelchair ramps can come in many sizes and shapes. An important thing to keep in mind when considering a ramp is the incline you’ll need for a safe ambulation. If the ramp is too steep it can lead to dangerous conditions when going down the ramp, or undue stress on your upper extremities when rolling up (or stress on the motor of a power wheelchair, which could drain the battery).

The material you choose for your wheelchair ramp may end up affecting the cost. Home wheelchair ramps are typically constructed of metal or wood, while others may be custom built using special materials. Because of the customization, these types of wheelchair ramps are likely to be more costly and may also require more time for assembly.  Another option for your wheelchair ramp is one made of rubber.  The rubber surface provides added safety and traction when accessing the ramp in your wheelchair. This type of ramp is fairly inexpensive and can be modified to different heights as needed. Browse Aeroflow Healthcare’s selection of wheelchair ramps today.

To lessen the risk of any accidents or difficulty entering the home, it is a good idea to have your ramp installed prior to bringing your wheelchair or mobility device home. This can make the process of getting used to your wheelchair must more comfortable and trouble-free.

With all of the ramp options available, adding a wheelchair ramp to your home can be an inexpensive and easy process. To reduce your stress even further, Aeroflow Healthcare can schedule for one of our trained technicians to come out to your home to install your wheelchair ramp and address any concerns you may have. Contact Aeroflow Healthcare today to get started with your wheelchair ramp.

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