Delco CL-301 Ankle Brace

Delco CL-301 Accord Ankle Brace II

You may have seen advertisements on television or brochures in your doctor’s office about ankle braces. If you frequent physical or occupational therapy you may have even seen some individuals using ankle braces while strength training or doing cardio. But how do you know when you may need an ankle brace?

There are two main reasons to utilize an ankle brace. One reason is to prevent injury from occurring while doing physical activities or while doing strenuous work. Another time when an ankle brace may be necessary is when you are recovering from an injury and to prevent further injury once an injury has occurred. The ankle itself is not actually just a bone; it is comprised of a portion of the lower leg bone along with muscles and tendons, which attach to your foot. Since the ankle is mainly muscle tissue and tendons, it can be easily injured during activity.

Regardless of your age, an ankle brace may be considered if you participate in any activity that exposes your ankle to lateral movement. This occurs from applying stress from the side movement opposed to the forward or backward natural motion (flexion or extension). Mostly this applies to high-intensity exercises or specialized strength training. For those with balance issues, something as simple as gardening may pose a potential hazard for your ankles. Wearing an ankle brace for these activities with no prior serious injury is a way to use it as a preventative piece of equipment.

Ankle braces are often worn in therapy after a serious sprain or injury has occurred. Often times a physical therapist will assess your injury and recommend the best brace to facilitate adequate healing. You will most likely be instructed to wear your brace for rigorous activities and possibly for everyday tasks until you have built up some strength in the affected areas.

Delco CL-301

Now the question remains, which ankle brace will work best for you? For both scenarios above, a Delco Accord ankle brace would be a recommended option. This ankle brace is lightweight, comfortable, and versatile. It is perfect for both every day and rehabilitation use.

The only question left now is will your insurance assist in payment for the Delco Accord? To find out, simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form and one of our Patient Care Representatives will review your insurance information and contact you to discuss coverage and options. Many insurance plans will cover an ankle brace if it is deemed medically necessary. To begin your journey of obtaining the Delco CL-301 ankle brace, start by talking to your healthcare provider and having an assessment completed.

If you have any questions regarding your need for an ankle brace, give Aeroflow Healthcare a call at 844-686-5539.

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