Cuties Diapers & Training Pants

Aeroflow Healthcare offers high-quality diapers and training pants for families with a multitude of needs. Check out the current variety of diapers for children that are available in sizes for every different stage of development.

Cuties Diapers for Newborns.Cuties Diapers for Newborns

If you recently had a baby, or are expecting to have one soon, then it is a good idea to stock up on diapers so you can have them available as needed. You can trust the Cuties brand to deliver high quality, absorbent diapers that won’t disappoint at home, at daycare or on the run. These diapers are available from size newborn through size 6. For your convenience, you are able to order your diapers by the case. Each case contains four bags of diapers. Ordering by the case makes it a lot more convenient than running back and forth to your local big box store to make a purchase every time you run out. Even better, Aeroflow Diaper Club offers a subscription diaper service that is delivered to your door each month, complete with your choice of diapers, wipes, or both!

Training Pants for ToddlersCuties Training Pants.

As your little one grows, you want to make the transition to help them go from diaper dependent baby to independent toddler. This is an important time because many pre-schools and kindergartens will not take children who are not potty trained. Aeroflow makes it easy to order training pants for your toddler. Cuties Training Pants are designed for children ages 3 to 5 years old. Similar to the diaper version, these training pants are hypoallergenic and contain aloe and vitamin E to help soothe the skin and protect it from irritation. You will find that these training pants are easy to pull on and off even in the biggest bathroom emergencies. They also have a wetness indicator to help parents and caretakers know when it is time to change. There is a version for both boys and girls.

Youth Pants for Children with Incontinence

If you have an older child with incontinence, you may be wondering how and where to get the appropriate undergarments that will support them at this stage of development. The Sleep Overs Youth Pants are both discreet and breathable so that they are not visible under most items of clothing. Many children and parents enjoy the fact that the youth pants have almost the same look and feel of regular underwear, helping their child to feel more relaxed about getting a good night’s rest. These youth pants are also found to prevent leaks as well as prevent embarrassing odor.

Cuties Diapers.

Additional Benefits

If your child is over the age of three and suffers from incontinence, Aeroflow can help you get free diapers through Medicaid. We work with Medicaid to provide your growing child with a free monthly supply of diapers to save you the expense of purchasing diapers from the store — all you need to do is fill out a quick online form to see if your child qualifies for the benefits.

One of the benefits of ordering from Aeroflow is that you can order via subscription. Rather than having to make frequent trips to your local store, you can simply place your order online and wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep – it’s that simple! With all the variety we offer, it is good to know that as your child grows and develops you can count on Aeroflow to provide all your diaper needs.

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