CPAP masks with nasal pillows

CPAP Masks with Nasal Pillows

Since there is such a wide variety of CPAP masks, it is important to make sure to try on the different masks that your medical equipment company offers at the time you are set up with your CPAP machine.  Some patients prefer the full face mask, while others prefer to have less obstruction of their view by using either the oral face mask, the nasal mask, or even nasal pillows.

CPAP masks with nasal pillows are a popular option among those being treated for sleep apnea and are unique because these masks are designed to solely involve the nose.  The nasal pillows fit into the nostrils and the air the CPAP delivers is sent right through the pillows and into the nose.

If you have ever tried a larger mask like a full face mask, and found it a little invasive, you may prefer nasal pillows.  These come with the frame, mask and headgear that helps keep this mask in place.  You may ask wonder how the mouth is kept closed; good question.  As with the nasal mask, the patient can use a chin strap with the nasal pillows to keep the mouth closed.  Nasal pillows are a popular choice because they are small, usually made of fabric or a material with elastic properties, and made to work with the mask’s headgear as all one piece.

The most popular manufacturers of nasal pillow masks are ResMed, Fisher and Paykel, and Phillips Respironics.  ResMed offers nasal pillows by the name of Swift FX (the Swift FX Bella is made especially for women) and the Mirage II.  These masks are fairly affordable at about $100 each.

Fisher and Paykel offers nasal pillows called Pilairo and Opus 360. You can find both of these masks for around $89-$115.

Respironics offers nasal pillow masks called Nuance Pro Gel and OptiLife.  The OptiLife can be purchased for as low as $60.

All of these nasal pillow masks are available on offers all of the top, name-brand CPAP masks, supplies, machines, and accessories at the lowest allowable prices.  Also, if you Qualify through insurace will take care of all the claims for you.  Shipping is also completely free for every purchase made from

Whether you have used a CPAP for 3 months, or ten years, it is never too late to improve your comfort by trying a new mask.  Consider the nasal pillows if you would like to have a little more freedom of mobility while using your CPAP machine.  For a full range of nasal pillow masks, have a look at’s wide selection of nasal pillows.

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