CPAP is still the reliable, safe choice for Sleep Apnea Therapy


By Chass Armstrong

America was built on innovation, or so they say. At least even in the 21st century that entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well, especially in the field of sleep apnea research and therapy. The most common and effective method of sleep apnea therapy is well known by many of the readers of this blog – CPAP Therapy.

Just because CPAP isn’t broken, doesn’t mean that there are others out there trying to find alternatives. The latest push is by a Minnesota based company called Respicardia which has raised over $25 million dollars to fund their project to create an implant to help stop sleep apnea. The vast majority of their money has come from the Italian based Sorin Group, which has the rights to distribute the potential new product in Europe.

The new therapy works sort of like a pacemaker, but for your tongue. It’s inserted between your heart and your lungs near a group of nerves known as the phrenic nerves. This device will then send electronic pulses that stimulate the diaphragm which will then help the user to breathe during the night.

The product isn’t without slight controversy though. It is still waiting approval for use in the states. Only time will tell if it will be a success. In the meantime, reliable, safe, and non-invasive CPAP Therapy is here for you.  CPAP Therapy has improved countless lives by helping others sleep and breathe better. The changes that people experience while on CPAP Therapy are drastic and the biggest perk beside the fact that it works is that there is no surgical risk.

If you or someone you know is suffering from Sleep Apnea or is experiencing signs of sleep apnea, please give us a call today at (888) 345-1780! Our knowledgeable staff can help to set them up with a sleep test, or help them get their products through insurance at little to no costs.

If your insurance deductibles are too high, we can help you at which is our cash pay site for obtaining CPAP Supplies, Masks, and Materials!

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