Home Sleep Study

The Convenience of a Home Sleep Study

Are you suffering from excessive tiredness or daytime fatigue? We all become worn down at times, but there may be more going on than you realize. Sleep apnea is more common than you might think and it often goes undiagnosed in patients. More and more people are beginning to benefit from CPAP therapy and finally obtaining the good night’s rest we are all looking for. We are even assisting employers in the trucking industry with this process to make sure our roads are safe!

Home Sleep Testing

You may be interested in taking a sleep test but don’t want to deal with the hassle that entails. Traditionally, you would have to stay overnight in a sleep-lab. This typically meant you would have to be put on a waiting list and you might have to travel far away for the test. You would then be sleeping in an unfamiliar place with a multitude of sensors and monitoring devices. Talk about losing sleep over something! Recent advancements in home sleep testing have made it a popular choice for both patients and physicians. The test can even be a fraction of the cost as going “in-lab.”

How it Works

Our diagnostic team has helped thousands of patients perform a sleep test, making the process hassle-free and sending quick results to doctors. We ship the test directly to your address with a return envelope pre-paid to send it back when you are done. We can even track your package to let you know exactly where it is and when it’ll arrive. Once it arrives, we download the data and the results are interpreted by a board certified sleep physician. Did you know if PAP or oxygen therapy is recommended we have an independent third party verify the results to ensure you get the accurate reading you deserve? We are also in network with virtually every major insurance carrier for this equipment. If you have questions about how to begin treatment, check out our FAQ page.

Qualify through Insurance

Whether you think sleep apnea may be affecting your personal life or your employer has required you to take a screening, Aeroflow Healthcare is here to provide the convenience of in-home sleep testing. Did you know that the advanced sleep testing or UNA can be provided at little to no cost to you through your insurance? Compare this to the often hefty cost of going in to an uncomfortable sleep-lab. We even offer a free initial screening, so log on today!


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