Getting Your Medical Equipment Without Insurance

Buying Your Medical Equipment Without Insurance

“I thought my insurance was going to cover this?”  This is a common dilemma faced when your doctor has ordered medical equipment or supplies for you.   It seems there is a common misconception of how insurance coverage pays for medical equipment, the process of meeting a deductible, and why so many out of pocket costs are incurred.  Regardless of your insurance plan or latest diagnosis, Aeroflow Healthcare is here to make sure all of your needs are met and at a cost affordable to you.

Many Americans are facing higher premiums and deductibles through their insurance policy.  You may in fact have an exceptional insurance policy that covers your healthcare costs at a high percentage, but your deductible must be met first before your insurance will pay for equipment or supplies.

For example: It could be early in the year when your deductible has just reset or you may not use your insurance often enough to satisfy your deductible.  Your doctor then orders you a CPAP for sleep apnea or a Nebulizer to shake an aggressive winter respiratory cold.  You then find yourself in a difficult situation of simply paying out of pocket to satisfy your deductible.  Aeroflow is already one step ahead and is ready to offer you solutions to ensure that you get the treatment or care you need.

We offer competitive patient-pay pricing to remedy these situations.  If your deductible has not been satisfied, it is often cheaper than billing your insurance for the equipment.  We also have online solutions available for this as well such as and Aeroflow’s online store, Aeroflow Direct.  You may also find yourself between jobs or an insurance lapse that makes these avenues the best choice.

“Why is this so expensive?” There is a contracted rate with insurance providers that they set on how much they will pay for equipment and services.  When we bill insurance, they are dictating the amount that we bill.  If your deductible is met, you may be only paying ten to twenty percent of this amount.  This makes the amount seem affordable because you are not seeing the total cost, however, when your deductible has not been satisfied, you will find just the opposite.  You will end up paying the total contracted rate set by your insurance policy in order to satisfy your deductible before equipment and services are “covered.”

There is no need to worry, at Aeroflow, we are very familiar with these scenarios and are ready to walk you through this process while saving you the stress and headaches of finding cost-effective healthcare. Aeroflow Healthcare also understands that paying all of your equipment costs upfront, can often be a struggle. This is why we offer the option of financing all of your medical equipment.

Let us be your resource and confidant to accommodate your needs at a price that you can afford!

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