BiPAP therapy vs. CPAP therapy

BiPAP Therapy vs. CPAP Therapy

Maybe you have been working with your CPAP machine for a while now and you just cannot seem to get used to it.  You may have switched masks, tried various sleeping positions, and you may even have tried wearing the mask in the hours before sleep in an attempt to get used to the mask.  All of these methods can prove bsuccessful when you commit to adhering to CPAP therapy, until you turn the machine on again and feel like you cannot breathe out with the pressure it emits against you.  This is a common challenge and it can be remedied.  Have you heard of a BiPAP machine?

A CPAP and a BiPAP (otherwise known as a BPAP) machine work towards the same goal while doing so in slightly different ways.


When you use a CPAP machine, it forces air into your airway at a previously prescribed, individualized pressure to reduce obstruction and keep your airway open.  It does this at a constant pressure the entire time that the machine is on.  In order to make this a little easier, a ramp feature is available that will reduce the pressure for a set period of time to let you get used to it and fall asleep.  Then, the prescribed pressure will be reached when you are sleeping and throughout your slumber.


BiPAP stands for Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure.  A BiPAP machine is made to meet the same goal as a CPAP machine, however, for those of you who find the constant pressure of the CPAP a little stifling, the BiPAP will provide two levels of pressure, one while you inhale (ipap) and another one while you exhale (epap).  The epap pressure will be lower than the ipap pressure, allowing you to exhale more productively.  This appeals especially to patients with congestive heart failure and any form of lung disease that makes it difficult to exhale on a normal basis.

Shopping for a BiPAP machine can be as easy as going to and selecting “BiPAP” from the drop-down menu. Without even leaving the home page, you will be given a list of 8 different machines to compare. There are also a varied selection of masks, tubing, and any other needed accessories available at the click of your mouse.  If you have any questions, feel free to call 1-866-298-6482 and speak with a knowledgeable representative who can guide through your purchase.

If you have discovered it is harder than you think to get used to your CPAP machine, don’t give up!  Consider switching to a BiPAP machine and see what a difference this change can make!

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