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Best Sleep Positions to Alleviate Back Pain

We all know how important sleep is for our body. Just think about how you feel when you only get a few hours of sleep. How does it affect your day? Perhaps you are less alert during your work day or in your interactions with your children. It may be more difficult to move around or do other things that require your concentration like reading. For many of us, not getting enough rest can be a normal way of life. However, lack of sleep can become even more of a problem when we are living with back pain.

How Much Sleep Is Necessary?

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that we sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours per night, yet many people are getting about half of that amount. If you are suffering from back pain, your lack of sleep may be directly related to your sleeping position. People who suffer from back pain and sleep in the wrong position will toss and turn all night because they are unable to find a comfortable position. If the problem is not taken care of immediately, it is possible for the back pain to only get worse.

Try Sleeping on Your Back

The best position for most people to get the optimum amount of rest is to sleep on their back. Why? This position ensures that your head, neck, and spine are in a neutral position without exerting any extra pressure on your back. You may also try sleeping in the starfish position which is on your back with your arms laid out above your head and your legs spread slightly apart.

What do you do when sleeping on your back is a challenge? Perhaps you have a temporary or permanent injury that forces you to wear a back brace. Others may be dependent upon a wheelchair for mobility and sleeping flat on your back is too much to bear.

Alternative Sleep Positions

If you sleep with a back brace or even if you depend upon a wheelchair to get from one place to the next, then you may want to try sleeping on your back with a pillow underneath your knees. This position will ease the pressure off your lower back, allowing the natural curve of your spine to relax.

If sleeping on your back is not possible, try sleeping on your stomach with a pillow under your lower abdomen and pelvis to take the strain off your back. Side sleepers can sleep against a full body pillow, or place a traditional pillow between your knees to ease back pain.

Try a Back Brace

Living with back pain does not mean you have to compromise the amount and quality of sleep you get on a nightly basis. Using products like a back brace or even a simple pillow along with finding the right position for you can help you to find relief at night. Did you know that you can even Qualify through Insurance for a back brace? This makes relief even easier — Aeroflow Healthcare can work with your insurance to take care of everything for you. Simply talk with your doctor about finding the most appropriate back brace for your medical concern, and then give Aeroflow a call to take care of everything else. Then try some of the positions discussed in this article to help you find relief sooner rather than later.

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