Benefits of a SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Benefits of a SimplyGo oxygen concentrator

Living with a chronic lung condition can put a real damper on your ability to experience a life without restrictions. But having a portable oxygen concentrator can mean the difference between having a social life and enjoying your independence, to being housebound because your device can’t travel with you. And the SimplyGo line of portable oxygen concentrators from Philips Respironics provide a breath of fresh air for those looking for an innovative device that’s lightweight and easy-to-use. Check out some of the benefits of using a SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator below!

Easy to Use

simplygo portable oxygen concentrator

Many portable oxygen concentrators can be confusing to operate. Endless buttons, wires, and switches can make any attempt at modifying your oxygen therapy a perilous venture that can end with your device beeping at you in protest. And that’s why SimplyGo’s portable oxygen concentrators are so user-friendly — because they’re incredibly simple to use.

A clean and easy-to-understand control panel allows you to monitor your battery life and litre flow. At the same time, making adjustments is as easy as pressing one of the few simple buttons that are at your fingertips. And you don’t ever have to worry about exasperating external battery belts, confusing connectors, or irritating internal batteries. Instead, a lightweight battery that is easily accessible can be changed in less time than it takes for you to pour a cup of coffee.

Everything You Need in One Device

Just like all-inclusive vacations to your favorite tropical destination, having one portable oxygen concentrator machine that provides you with everything you need can feel like a luxury. But unlike your yearly trip to the Dominican, SimplyGo’s portable oxygen concentrators are something you can enjoy year-round. These devices include a sleek carrying case, a lightweight cart you can use to transport your device, a rechargeable lithium battery, DC and AC power controls, and an accessory case for storage.

Customized To Meet Your Needs

Whether you have emphysema, chronic bronchitis, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, your needs are going to be different than someone else’s who requires oxygen therapy. And that’s why it’s important that a portable oxygen concentrator offers more than a one-size-fits-all approach. SimplyGo’s portable oxygen concentrators offers both continuous flow and a pulse-flow delivery so that you can choose which form of oxygen therapy is best for you.

At the same time, the SimpyGo’s portable oxygen concentrator provides twice as much oxygen output as other comparably-sized devices, which means that you won’t have to buy another machine if for some reason you should need a greater supply of oxygen if your condition becomes more severe.

It Won’t Weigh You Down

simplygo POC cartAlthough the days of dragging giant air tanks around in makeshift carts are long over, many portable oxygen concentrators can still be heavy and cumbersome to move. Not to mention the fact that many older models of these devices aren’t exactly inconspicuous. As many sufferers of chronic lung conditions are aware, it can be difficult to avoid stares from curious onlookers no matter where you find yourself in public.

Gone are the days when you needed biceps of steel to lift your portable oxygen concentrator. In fact, the SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator weighs in at 10lbs, and the SimplyGo mini is a mere 5lbs! You can easily carry these sleek and modest devices over your shoulder in a backpack or bag, or simply attach it to a cart.

Tough & Sturdy

We understand that even though you’re careful with your portable oxygen concentrator, life happens. Maybe your grandchild knocks it over or you accidentally leave it in the car in subzero temperatures, but either way you need a portable oxygen concentrator that can handle life’s little blips. Fortunately, SimplyGo’s portable oxygen concentrators can withstand intense conditions including impacts, vibration, and extreme temperatures, all while continuing to deliver the oxygen therapy you need.

Overall, what you need to know about SimplyGo’s portable oxygen concentrators is that they can truly revolutionize how you treat your lung condition. No longer will you remain housebound, tied to your stationary oxygen concentrator machine. Now you can get back to a life you’ll enjoy by bringing one of these easy-to-use and extremely portable devices with you wherever you may wish to go!

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