Using a Cure catheter keeps you active and healthy.

The Benefits of a Cure Catheter

A catheter is a narrow tube that is placed into the bladder after an accident, injury, or surgery to help the bladder to drain safely and effectively. The Cure catheter produced by Cure Medical is available in both straight and coude tips for both males and females. The Cure Medical brand offers many amazing benefits that are valuable to patients. Using a catheter by Cure will allow men and women to continue doing the things they love while remaining healthy and comfortable.

Benefits of the Cure brand:

  • Uses a closed system
  • Does not contain DEHP, a known carcinogen
  • Latex free
  • Free of BPA, a common toxic chemical in plastic items

Why is a closed system catheter best?

The closed system used by the Cure catheter reduces the risk of a urinary tract infection. The Cure catheter works similarly to other closed system catheters, so whether you are a nursing professional who takes care of patients in a hospital setting or at home, you do not have to worry about learning a new system. Additionally, the closed system is more sanitary and provides ease of mind to the patient knowing that they are using a sterile device.

How do catheters work?

Instructions for using the Cure Medical closed catheter system is very simple. The catheter is inserted into the bladder and connected to a drainage bag via a long tube. The catheter remains in the bladder using an inflated balloon. The urine is drained into the bag via the force of gravity. That is why it is essential for the tubing and the drainage bag to be located below the bladder. You will often see the drainage bag hanging off to the side closer to the floor (but not touching it) while the patient lies in bed.

What is the caretaker’s responsibility when working with a catheter?

There are a number of duties a caretaker agrees to take on when he or she is in charge of a patient that is using a catheter.

  • In order to ensure that urine flows freely it is important for the patient to drink 8 glasses of water daily unless a doctor recommends that liquids are restricted on a temporary basis.
  • The caretaker must monitor the position of the catheter so that urine can flow freely from the bladder to the bag.
  • Ensures that the opening to the bladder is kept clean and free from debris or other bodily fluids.
  • Drain the bag daily to reduce odors, prevent any infections and ensure that the bladder is continuing to drain on a continual basis.

What is special about Cure Catheters?

Cure Medical offers 10% of their net income to spinal cord research. The company supports a number of scientists around the world who are dedicating their time and energy to all areas of spinal cord research.

If you are a patient or caretaker in need of closed catheter supplies, we highly recommend Cure Medical catheters. Not only do they provide the safest, cleanest catheters available, they are also committed to saving lives via spinal cord research.

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