Aspen Horizon Back Brace Line

By Brittany Laws

Rather from daily routine or an accident or injury, back pain is a major issue with many individuals. Some of us may think it’s just a way of life and that we simply have to deal with. Sure, we use heating pads, and pain relievers from time to time, but that is only temporary relief. Here at Aeroflow we strive to improve your quality of life. That is why we now carry a new line of Horizon back braces, from Aspen Medical. Aspen Medical was voted “best new technology for spine care in 2009 and 2010”, by Orthopedics this week. Among our back braces you’ll have a choice of:

  • Horizon 637
  • This brace comes with a high back panel for extra support to those who are recovering from injury or surgery. This back brace is beneficial for those who have recently had surgery, and need support and assistance realigning posture. The back panel while providing lateral support is also flexible to provide comfort.
  • Horizon 631
  • Like the Horizon 637 this brace is also equipped with a high back panel. This model differs in that it can be worn under clothing. Its main function is to restrict posterior motion for comfort and support for strained muscles. This back brace is great for those especially painful days to help relieve pain
  • Horizon 627
  • This is the standard, low profile back brace that you would use for everyday use. This brace helps to keep your lumbar in line while doing everyday task. While not as supportive as the other models in this line, this brace does provide excellent support for mild back pain and is a preferred back brace for those working to restore strength in their back.
  • Horizon TLSO
  • Are you ready for relief from back pain? Click on our Qualify through insurance form to get started on obtaining your back brace today. Give us a call at 844-686-5539 to go over your options and speak with a representative about your specific pain and let us recommend the best brace for you.
  • Most of the back braces in this line support mainly the lumbar or lower-mid back. This model, however, provides restriction to the lower as well as the upper back. It comes with a back panel that extends up the back, and straps like a backpack. It joins across the chest for added support and motion restriction. This back brace is for recovery from surgery or major injury to the spine. It would not be comfortable to wear for daily use.
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