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Join Aeroflow in Support of Diaper Need Awareness Week

September 26 through October 2  is Diaper Need Awareness Week! You may be scratching your head wondering what Diaper Need Awareness is all about. Many people may not know that there is a dire need for diapers within families who can’t afford to purchase packs of diapers each week. These are often parents who may have recently suffered a job loss, or have fallen ill and are unable to purchase the diapers needed to ensure the health of their child or children.

How serious is the need for diapers?

The National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) states that there are nearly 5.3 million babies in the US under the age of 3 years who come from poor or low-income families. These are often families with parents who recently became unemployed and are trying their best to make ends meet. NDBN collaborates with caring individuals, diaper banks, faith-based institutions, nonprofits, businesses, and elected officials to get diapers into the hands of families who need them most.

How can having access to diapers support a family in need?

Many of us look at education as a means to sustaining a family and long-term success. Researchers have tracked that success all the way back to children who participate in early childhood education. Small children who participate in early childhood education are said to be 3 times more likely to participate in higher education. This means that their children will be less likely to live in poverty. However, without access to diapers, young children are not able to participate in early childhood education programs. If the child is unable to go to school, their parents will not have a reliable place to leave their child while they go to work.

How big is the diaper need across America?

The number of families in need of diapers in America is astounding: 1 in 3 mothers in the US have a diaper need. Most babies use an average of 6 to 10 diapers per day. The cost can be as much as $70 to $80 per month. At the present time, there are no government assistance programs that directly support the purchase of diapers, one of the most basic needs of any infant or toddler. Even Medicaid, which covers about 1/3 of births in America, is not able to provide diapers as a basic need for newborns.

If there are no government assistance programs to fill the diaper need, where can people turn for help? Many families are dependent upon diaper banks, food banks, social service agencies, and community and faith-based groups to fulfill their diaper needs. However, there is no guarantee that a family will live near an organization that provides diapers as part of their services.

Are there any lower cost options for families who have to pay cash for their diapers?

Aeroflow’s diaper initiative

Aeroflow Healthcare has started an initiative that is helping a lot of families make their diaper purchases less of a burden. The Aeroflow Diaper Club makes it easier for families to pay for their child’s diapers with cash so they can use other funds towards the upkeep of their household. For a limited time, Aeroflow wants to make you a special offer where you can purchase your first month of diapers for only $24!

How does the Aeroflow Diaper Club work?

If you want to save money on your next purchase of diapers, the Aeroflow Diaper Club is offering you an opportunity to try your first month of membership for only $24. Here is a list of other benefits you get with your order:

  • Free box of wipes with your first order
  • 4 packs of Cuties diapers per month (regular price is $32 per month)
  • After your first month, wipes are an additional $9 per month for 3 packs
  • Make easy monthly payments online
  • Option to cancel your membership at any time
  • Free shipping for as long as you’re a member of the club
  • Take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee

There are a variety of sizes available from newborn up to 10 pounds all the way through size 6 for children 35 pounds and up. The Aeroflow Diaper Club uses the same high-quality diaper as other more expensive brands while staying committed to a lower cost. The club will not surprise you with any hidden fees that will turn your low payment into a bigger expense than you originally thought. You also get the convenience of not having to make a last-minute rush to the store for diapers.

What about diapers for children with special needs?

If you have a child over the age of 3 who has been diagnosed by a medical doctor with incontinence, then you may be able to order diapers via Medicaid. Factors like illness, injury and other situations may cause a child to need diapers for an extended period of time beyond the early childhood years. Many families have found that the use of Medicaid coupled with the convenience of online ordering has made a difficult situation a little bit easier. Aeroflow’s friendly reminders to put in your diaper order at the end of the month can make your day a little brighter, knowing your child is receiving the highest quality diapers at an affordable price.

The need for access to diapers is real. Every day, there are families who are caught between getting their child into childcare and being able to go to work. While there are options out there for families who cannot afford to pay at all, Aeroflow Diaper Club has made it possible to pay half the cost of big box diaper brands while receiving quality supplies. All you have to do is visit the diaper club website, make your order, and wait for your order to be delivered to your home.

To learn more about how you can help provide diapers to children in need, visit the National Diaper Bank Network for fundraising opportunities, donation options and much more.

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