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Aeroflow Insurance Corner: Blue Cross Blue Shield – Installment 3

By Chass Armstrong

In the third and final installment in the series, we will examine BlueCross Blue Shield’s policy for breastfeeding support. Unlike Aetna and United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield will be slightly more difficult to put a definitive answer on because there are so many regional branches of BCBS with different policies toward breast feeding support.

In fact, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s website, there are 37 independently owned Blue Cross Blue Shield member companies, a Federal Program, and an association which serves across the United States.

As previously noted, under the Affordable Care Act, health insurance plans must provide breastfeeding support for mothers. However, the extent to which breast pumps, breast feeding supplies, and support are offered depends largely on the insurance companies themselves and your individual plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a perfect illustration of this.

In the last blog, we were given a report card for insurance providers graded from A to F based on their support for breastfeeding services. Aside from Aetna, who was in the number two spot, four out of the top five rated insurance companies were Blue Cross Blue Shield! Conversely, a couple of Blue Cross Blue Shield subsidiaries received lower scores. It should be noted that even the lowest rated Blue Cross Blue shield plan did cover the purchase of at least one manual breast pump.

If we were to take a look at one of the higher graded Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans, we can see that their support and coverage for breastfeeding mothers is quite extensive. In the BCBS of North Carolina plan, for example, we can see that they cover the following:

–          One electric or Manual Breast Pump per child that is delivered.

–          Tubing, shields and other breastfeeding supplies.

–          Breastfeeding support and consultation.

Again, no matter what BCBS plan that you have, they will cover at least one breast pump. However, if you have any questions about your plan and what is covered, we are more than happy to assist you with your breast pump needs. You can contact us by web or by phone 844-867-9890.


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