5 Ways to Minimize Nighttime Leaks with Incontinence Products

Bed chux incontinence products keep you dry throughout the night.Urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine and comes in many forms. It is a common problem, and many studies show that women are more often affected by incontinence than men — about 20% of adult women suffer from bladder leakage.

Incontinence starts out as a medical problem but can affect other areas of our life as well. Bladder leakage can cause social avoidance which can lead to feelings of depression, loss of dignity or even a need to map the location of bathrooms whoever we go. This can add a lot of stress to our lives.

There are 2 main types of incontinence

  • Stress  incontinence: causing anxiety, depression, loss of dignity, lack of self-esteem
  • Urge incontinence: caused by weak pelvic muscles, overactive bladder, physical exertion or nerve damage

5 Tips to control nighttime incontinence without surgery

  • Control your fluid intake after dinner by drinking 4-6 glasses of water per day. Avoid consuming any liquids after dinner.
  • Avoid caffeinated, carbonated, and alcoholic beverages because they stimulate the bladder and increase the chance of incontinence.
  • Reduce or eliminate spicy food, citrus fruits and juices, milk, yogurt, cheese, sugar, honey and artificial sweeteners from your diet.
  • Elevate your legs to take the stress off your pelvic muscles and void on a schedule even if you don’t feel the need. Voiding on a schedule helps keep the bladder empty on a regular basis and decreases the urge leading to incontinence.
  • Learn Kegel exercises to improve your pelvic floor muscles and increase muscle control.

Following these tips may reduce or eliminate your bladder leakage problems, but to assure you get a peaceful night’s sleep you should integrate incontinence protection products into your routine to keep you dry at night. Avoiding certain habits or foods can help, but sometimes there are larger elements of our lifestyle that lead to or worsen nighttime incontinence symptoms.

Risk factors that increase the risk of bladder leakage

Here are is a list of the top 10 things that could increase your risk for bladder leakage and incontinence. Avoiding these foods and behaviors can reduce and control your current symptoms or risks of a leaking bladder.

  1. Smoking
  2. Chronic Constipation
  3. Obesity
  4. Alcohol Consumption
  5. Caffeine Intake
  6. Poor Glycemic Control
  7. Carbonation
  8. Artificial Sweeteners
  9. Acidic Foods
  10. Spicy Foods

This helpful graphic by the National Association for Continence shows the Foods You Might Want to Avoid to help with incontinence symptoms.

Incontinence products to alleviate symptoms

Surecare diapers keep you dry when you are suffering from incontinence.Chux bed pads offer high-quality nighttime protection and are available in several different styles. If you experience occasional nighttime incontinence, you may want to use a disposable bed liner such as Chux pads to keep you and your mattress dry and clean.

For more frequent bladder leakage challenges, adult diapers can be worn throughout the day. There are tons of different diaper options available, depending on your needs. From adult pull-ups and briefs to super protective underwear, there is a diaper option available to keep you comfortable and dry through the day and night.

Imagine what having peace of mind can do to restore your confidence and dignity — find a diaper or bed pad that best fits your lifestyle and get started on the track to a happier life today!

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