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aeroflow breastpumps best brands medela ameda hygeia

Top Brands Through Insurance: Medela, Hygeia and Ameda

Many women planning to breastfeed find an electric breast pump to be an absolute necessity for accommodating busy lifestyles. Three top industry brands are Medela, Ameda and Hygeia. Each product line offers double electric breast pumps that most insurance policies will cover as a preventative service through Healthcare Reform. An electric breast pump is essential [Read More….]

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Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags

Mothers strive to create efficiency, and owning a good bag is paramount in simplifying the transportation of items needed to manage your day. The advent of breast pump bags has become essential as women are more frequently choosing to breastfeed and juggle careers simultaneously. Historically breast pump bags have been exclusive to carrying the sole [Read More….]

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Treating Jaundice

How Does Phototherapy Work?

If your infant has been diagnosed with jaundice, your doctor may prescribe the use of a phototherapy device as treatment. The most common phototherapy device for treating jaundice at home is a biliblanket. But how does phototherapy work in treating jaundice, and why are doctors prescribing the use of these devices? Phototherapy means “light treatment.” [Read More….]

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wheelchair friendly home

Wheelchair Friendly Home

Are thinking about a getting wheelchair to improve your mobility? Have you looked around your home to ensure that you will be able to safely and adequately utilize it? It is important to have a wheelchair friendly home, so if this is something you haven’t considered, take a minute and use this checklist to make [Read More….]

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purple bag syndrome

What is Purple Bag Syndrome, and How To Prevent It

If you’re catheterized and recently checked on your urinary bag to notice a distinct purple hue to the contents, don’t be alarmed. While rare, there is an explanation as to why your urine has changed color, and ways to help prevent this from happening again. Purple Bag Syndrome typically occurs in individuals on long-term urinary [Read More….]

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medela breastshields

What is a Breast Shield and How Does it Work?

Naturally, women prepare for the arrival of their little by way of extensive research. Many mothers opt for breastfeeding over formula. Because of this, they research the effectiveness and functionality of products available on the market to make sure they get the best breast pump. A common question in reference to breast pumps is, “What is a [Read More….]

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Cleaning your Nebulizer

How Often To Replace Nebulizer Parts

It’s important that as a nebulizer owner and user you perform some basic maintenance and cleaning to keep the medical device in working order.  But often times the replacement of nebulizer parts is needed to provide optimum functionality, and therefore the best possible treatment. Here are a few tips for best equipment upkeep and sanitation, [Read More….]

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sarah wells annie breast pump bag

Breastfeeding that is Fashion Fabulous!

Remaining fashionable is a high priority for many, including new moms! As more women are making the commitment to breastfeed, breast pumps are a becoming a necessity, especially for moms on-the-go. Electric breast pumps are highly convenient and many accessories are available to make pumping comfortable as well as stylish. A breast pump bag is [Read More….]

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Urinary Catheter cleaning

Tips for Catheter Sanitation

Adjusting to the use of catheters for urinary incontinence can be difficult for patients with conditions that require the use of such medical equipment. However, the benefits of such implements far outweigh the negatives, as diligence and proper application and care of your catheters can lead to a dramatic increase in quality of life. Sanitizing [Read More….]

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breastfeeding with a busy life

Tips for Breastfeeding When You Have a Busy Life

Breastfeeding your baby has such profound and lifelong benefits for you and your child, which is why many mothers plan to breastfeed exclusively or as much as possible after childbirth. Deciding to breastfeed your baby requires methodical planning in order to remain consistent and reduce problematic encounters that may impede your ability to continue providing [Read More….]

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